コーダー道場つくばについて / About

What is CoderDojo? コーダー道場ってなに?

Coderdojo is a movement that started in Ireland by a high school student in 2011. Currently there are over 1100 Dojos worldwide, in over 63 countries. The Coderdojo movement believes in the importance of the new generations to know and understand programming languages. It has a global network of free, volunteer-led, and comppunity based programming clubs for young people. Many of the CoderDojos chose Scratch as their main language, or as their starting point, but many also encorperate coding in different languages, to create websites, games, apps, and exploring technology in general.

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コーダー道場つくばについて / About CoderDojo Tsukuba

CoderDojo Tsukuba officially registered in November of 2017. We have been developing a plan for the coding sessions since then, and we had our first session on February 17th. We created this Dojo because one of us is a mentor at CoderDojo Moriya, and we thought it would be nice to have a CoderDojo in Tsukuba as well. Also, we wanted to offer the session in English to fit the diverse community of the city of Tsukuba.

Our aims are to spread the interest and joy in programming to children through our sessions, as it will become and important part of our lives. 

CoderDojo Tsukuba's sessions are currently held in the Tsukuba Innovation Plaza on the third Saturday of every month. 





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